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Lagree fitness, a new discipline of tremendous efficiency to shape all muscles

Inspired by the Pilates Reformer, this new sport uses a machine called the “megaformer” and combines balance and core strength to mobilize all muscles.

What’s that:

Look at all the machines in your gym. imagine all of them combined in one, which will allow you to work all the muscles in less than an hour… This is the ingenious idea of ​​Sebastien Lagri, a Franco-American who developed a method; Here the machine is called “megaformer”. it is a clever mix of static elements, a mobile cart sliding on rails, elastics, springs and more or less heavy loads from 4 to 20 kg. A whole program!

Permanent case

Be ready. A Lagree class lasts a maximum of 50 minutes, but you don’t have time to catch your breath. “We chain the movements every 2 minutes to go from one to the next in just 5 seconds,” explains Sarah Sabir, head of the Snake & Twist studio in Paris and Lagri’s teacher. Intense! The training takes place entirely on a vehicle, the transportation of which is always mobile. therefore, the imbalance and the coating are permanent. The music is loud, the LED lights are slightly dimmed, and the trainer, equipped with a microphone, counts down the seconds with a stopwatch to encourage people to get into position;

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Fast results

We start with abdominal work, then a series of planks. Then we brace the legs, then return to the center with the bends and waist before finishing with the arms; it is a full-body muscle-strengthening concentrate without impacting the joints. All movements are performed by resistive work offered by springs and loads. “Lagree follows the muscles and contours the body in a really effective way,” notes Sara Sabir, “results are quickly visible.” With 600 calories burned per session, it’s also a good ally for weight loss and toning up.

Open to all

500 sports studios around the world offer Lagree in France. Click Photo

Obviously, Lagree is an intense sport, aimed more at people who already exercise regularly. It is a great complement to a pilates or yoga practice that will allow you to work on extension and flexibility, while Lagri will strengthen the muscles. But the principle of variable weight loads allows everyone, being healthy, to try it, both beginners and experienced; during the same class, some work with loads of 20 kg, others with loads of 4 kg. Want to experiment? All that’s left is to outfit yourself for your first session with fitness clothes and non-slip socks so you don’t slip on the machines.

Source: Le Figaro

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