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5 unforgettable RBD songs

If you weren’t part of the RBD generation, check out some classic songs from the group created in the soap opera Rebelde

Created by Cris Morenathe “Rebelde” franchise became popular when it was launched by Televisa in 2004 with the title “Rebelde”, which told the story of a group of students from Elite Way School who begin to open their eyes to the reality of the world and fight for what they believe in.

Through her, the musical group RBD was created, composed of Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez, Alfonso Herrera It is Christopher von Uckermann, who were the protagonists of the program. In a short time, both the series and the band became a huge worldwide success, attracting crowds of young people across the planet, in addition to having their songs top the charts, millions of records sold, and several records broken.

If you weren’t part of Geração RBD, and want to know more about the iconic band, check out 5 classic RBD songs that you need to hear!

1. Ser o Opinion (2006)

With the clip recorded here in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo, “Ser o Escolha” is one of the three singles from RBD’s third album, entitled “Celestial”. The lyrics talk about the feeling of falling in love with someone and not being able to express yourself enough, until your loved one ends up with someone else.

2. No Pares (2006)

Sung by Dulce Maria — Roberta in the series — this is a song immortalized by fans due to the strong message of inspiration present in the lyrics. She says “If they censor your ideas, have courage. Never give up, always raise your voice. Fight hard, without measures, don’t stop believing. Don’t settle for her name written on the wall. Never stop dreaming”.

3. Sálvame (2004)

With extremely deep lyrics sung by Anahi (Mia Colucci), “Sálvame” is mainly remembered for her incredible performance at RBD shows. At the time, the singer used to give a beautiful speech in favor of peace, and asked the audience to raise lights to create a huge illuminated crowd.

4. Nuestro Amor (2005)

The title track from RBD’s second album was also the opening of the program during the second season. It also received two other versions, one in English called “This is Love”, and another in Portuguese called ” Nosso Amor “.

5. Rebel (2004)

Probably the group’s most famous song, “Rebelde” was the opening of the first season of the series. The lyrics reflect some of the events covered in the series, such as teenagers’ conflicts with their parents as they seek to fight for their dreams and what they believe in.

Source: Recreio

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