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Crocs cowboy boots, the new fashion craze…for a few bucks more!

Crocs cowboy boots, the new fashion craze…for a few bucks more!

The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot will be available on October 23rd for Croc Day. Fangs

This October, the popular plastic cork brand is taking over the star shoe of the Wild West, the cowboy boot. It is enough to drive everyone to the west.

It all started with a meme (the concept of text, image or audio-visual is massively skewed on the internet, editor’s note). Crocs fans have been taking to social media to imagine what the brand’s shoe could look like in a cowboy version. The project teams then get together and discuss this meme. “This meeting took us about 12 minutes,” said Crocs Chief Marketing Officer Heidi Cooley. In the process, the crazy idea became a reality. the Crocs Cowboy Boot was born.

Get it, the classic cowboy boot completely reimagined by the American brand that continues to dominate the fashion trend market since the Covid-19 pandemic. Shiny crocodile relief, western style stitching, not forgetting the famous metal Jibbitz® ornament, the label’s signature, this time in the form of a sheriff’s star. There’s even a twist charm attached to the back strap of the cowboy boots for that perfect Lucky Luke style. This is the whole principle of the company: to take full responsibility for designing innovative products, never being afraid to border on the ridiculous.


“It’s disruptive and allows Crocs to take advantage of what we believe is a competitive advantage,” chief marketing officer Heidi Cooley told the New York Times. There is no shortage of shoes before the competition. Unlike other labels that risk losing credibility by offering crazy accessories, the shoe brand is benefiting from it. The ugly that “buzzes” is his driving force, as it is for his customers. The month of October, renamed Croctober at Crocs, gives fans the chance to get more creative on social media… and see their craziest ideas come to life.

Something to bring back memories too. If the terrible year 2020 stopped the world because of the epidemic, it was an opportunity for fashion to double its creativity. Crocs has been doing well and maintaining focus for three years now. We remember the collaboration with Balenciaga which featured a pair of heels. At least an original shoe adopted by Pamela Anderson. For Lucy Thornley, vice president of trends at Crocs, the shoe is “a statement, not just a practical shoe.” And it works. The American footwear company recorded a turnover of almost 2 billion dollars in the first six months of the year, compared to 1.6 billion in 2022.

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The bravest temperament in fashion, however, must be patient and, above all, reactive. The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot will be available October 23 at crocs.com and select stores. Now, bets are being placed to see who will be the first celebrity to be seduced by the country version of the popular hole-in-one soft shoe.

Source: Le Figaro

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