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Tarot. draw for the week of September 19-26 by Amandine Arx

Find out for free what the Tarot de Marseille predicts for you every week by following the card draw by Amandine Arcs.

Breathe in, breathe out… Choose a card

Select a card Amandine Arcs:

Card 1 – speaker

speaker Amandine Arcs:

Trust yourself. Believe in your mission, your reason for being on Earth. What is this message that you have to convey, these things that only you can bring forth? With this card, it’s all about trust, inheritance and transmission that we’re talking about. Dare to share your knowledge, the knowledge you have acquired. It’s time for you to take the stage to introduce yourself to the world. It’s time to step out of the shadows and let the sun’s rays enhance your features. You have so much to convey. On other levels, this card invites you to express yourself, draw, write, paint, sing. Find the easiest, simplest, most instinctive way for you. Without intellectualizing, let go of the excess, this overflow (perhaps of emotion) that prevents you from sorting and organizing your thoughts. This way you will regain your calm and your creativity will flow again. The future will regain all its clarity for you, and you will think about tomorrow with a completely different energy. Finally, this card can also trigger professional training. It’s important for you to feel useful, overcome your fears, and move into a position where you can transition as a manager. And maybe it’s time to kick yourself, kick yourself. Whatever it is, you’re being asked to take specific actions that will allow you to truly excel at your job.

Additional meanings:

  • Training
  • Change / Professional Development
  • Leadership
  • Birthday
  • Artistic talents
  • Travel / Travel

Card 2 – Justice

Justice Amandine Arcs:

If you have received this card, it is because protecting and protecting those who need it is your best work. It’s something instinctive in you, a calling. In recent days, you may be faced with an unequal, unfair or “questionable” situation for you… This card invites you to restore order to what is bothering you. Ask the questions you want to ask, express yourself, take the place that is rightfully yours, doing (without affecting the freedom of those around you) what feels right to you. On other levels, this card reminds you that within you is a leader, a born advisor, ready to take risks, ready to create. So, without further ado, connect (eg through intuitive writing or meditation) to what has been vibrating within you for a long time. Reorganize your thoughts by reminding yourself for a moment to bring out this plan within yourself, the stages of which are presented to you in the form of dizzying thoughts. It’s time to accept a future that will match what you envisioned without always believing in it. This card reminds you that anything is possible, you just have to believe it and then take action. Write down your desires so that they turn into goals, and you will know where and what to start.

Additional meanings:

  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • A positive solution for both parties is possible
  • Favorable legal response
  • Career change
  • Unexpected achievements

Card 3 – Professional change

Professional change Amandine Arcs:

Receive this card as confirmation, it confirms the prejudice that you have had for a long time. maybe it’s time for you to change careers. Maybe the position you hold now is the result of a “professional” trajectory from the beginning, but… are you the same person all your life? Isn’t the secret of happiness that we are able to regenerate and reinvent our lives at every moment? If you’ve been thinking about a possible career change, this card invites you to do what feels right. Let go of the fears that “force” you to maintain a semblance of security around you that brings you nothing but exhaustion and dissatisfaction. Instead of focusing on negative things that might happen, allow yourself to dream positive things. Project yourself into a fulfilling career that will satisfy you, where you earn incredible income and succeed in everything you do. Remember this, having true abundance is not having everything you need. Neither too much nor enough. Imagine waking up in the morning excited about the workday ahead of you. You will have a whole range of possibilities if you decide to follow the advice of your intuition. Do not go faster than the music, do not make sudden movements, there is no hurry. Listen to your heart, your instincts and confidently take one step before another. Calm and peaceful, knowing that everything will naturally fall into place when you make the decision in your heart to change.

Additional meanings:

  • Moving
  • Acquisition of property
  • Quick recovery
  • Career change
  • Training

Source: Le Figaro

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