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Holidays September 19, 2023: name days, prohibitions, facts

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The activities of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, the birthday of the emoticon and the day of imitation of pirates are continued – about these and other events of September 19 – in the material of Athletistic.

In the Gregorian calendar, September 19 is the 262nd day of the year. There are 103 days left before the end of the year.

What holidays are there in Ukraine and in the world?
  • Smiley’s birthday.
  • World Pirate Day.
Smiley Day // Photo: pixabay.com
What events happened in Ukraine and in the world
  • 1654 – the first marriage in Canada was registered in Quebec (11-year-old M. Sedillot married Jean Aubucho)

  • 1670 – an uprising began in Slobozhanshchina against the Moscow governors

  • 1841 – the first international railway was built (Strasbourg-Basel)

  • 1985 – earthquake in Mexico City, as a result of tremors measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale, about 9,000 people died, dozens of buildings were completely destroyed

  • 1991 – the activity of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy was resumed in Kyiv

  • 2006 – a military coup took place in Thailand

  • 2015 – the world’s largest automaker, Volkswagen AG, is caught falsifying data on emissions of harmful substances from its turbodiesel engines

Born on September 19
  • 1959 – Viktor Andrienko , Ukrainian film and television actor, comedian

  • 1960 – Oksana Zabuzhko, leading Ukrainian writer, poet, essayist and public intellectual

  • 1962 – Alexander Muzychko, Ukrainian nationalist, military man, member of SNUM, UNA, UNSO organizations. Coordinator of the right sector in Western Ukraine

  • 1964 – Trisha Yearwood, American country singer, actress and writer

  • 1977 – Valery Goncharov, Ukrainian gymnast, Olympic champion (2004) and silver medalist (2000) of the Olympic Games

  • 1982 – Eleni Danilidou, Greek tennis player

  • 1990 – Yulia Jima, Ukrainian biathlete, Olympic champion

Victor Andrianko // Photo: Wikipedia
Town and church holidays

According to the new church calendar, to which the OCU moved on September 1, today the memory of the martyrs Trophimus and Zosimus of Antioch is honored.

The holy martyrs Trophim and Zosima are considered patrons of beekeepers and beekeepers. That is why the national holiday on September 19 is Trofim and Zosima Day, Trofim parties, the Bee Festival.

Traditions and rituals

Today, they are actively working in the apiary, where they take care of bees and collect honey.

On September 19, young people organized Trofimov’s parties. Males and females choose their mates. It is believed that people who choose each other want to get married in the same autumn, and this tradition contributed to the creation of couples.

  • If the weather is warm and sunny on September 19, autumn will also be warm.
  • If the bees begin to cover the entrance to the hive, then the winter will be cold.
  • A severe storm portends a snowless winter.
  • If there are many mushrooms in the forest, then the next year will be a low harvest.
  • The leaves on the aspen tree have started to turn yellow, indicating an early winter and a short Indian summer.
Who has a birthday today?

September 19 name days are celebrated by: Igor, Trofim, Nikolai, Gabriel, Georgy, Alexey, Maria, Makar, David, Fedor.

Name day September 19 // Photo: pixabay.com
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