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Jane Benzaken, 70, who claims to be the hidden daughter of King Hassan II

Jane Benzaken claims to be the daughter of former ruler Hassan II. Youtube screenshot

He supported himself on pillars Times, on Saturday, August 26, that she was the daughter of former King Hassan II. Convinced that he belongs to the Moroccan royal family, this former receptionist asks for a DNA test to prove his claims.

“I was full of anger because the past was a Pandora’s box and I didn’t want to open it,” she said. Times , Saturday, August 26. It wasn’t until 1999, after the death of King Hassan II, that Jane Benzaken, a “former hotel receptionist,” according to a British daily, decided to revise her story. Twenty-four years later, the seventies are still just as sure. she is indeed the daughter of the former sovereign of Morocco. That is, a princess, a potential heir to the £4 billion (€4.6 billion) royal fortune.

The Royal Mercedes

It all started in 1951, his mother, who was of Jewish faith, met the future Hassan II at the age of 17. Then she worked as a saleswoman in a clothing store in Casablanca. According to Jane Benzaken’s grandmother, the royal Mercedes sometimes stops in front of their house in Casablanca. Freha, Jane’s mother, then gets into a car that takes her to the palace, where she has a meeting with the prince. This is how their romantic relationship was born. “My grandmother told me that the official palace car had come to pick up my mother, and before she got in, they would leave boxes of meat, fruit and vegetables at her house because the Benzaken family is quite poor,” Jane Benzaken said. YouTube video.

Then Freha had a daydream. “A poor Jewish girl from Morocco gets into the royal carriage to go to the palace… It must have been a big dream for her.” A dream that will end soon. “She was the one who got me pregnant,” says Jane. The romance would end in 1953, the year the prince fell in love with French actress Etchika Shuro.

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Freha Benzaken, in turn, marries the Belgian Raoul Jossart. Jane is then placed in the care of a foster family in Belgium, far away from her biological mother. His birth certificate, however, names Raoul Jossart as his father. At the age of 18, Jane left Belgium to enlist in the Israeli army. After Hassan II’s death in the late 1990s, he conducted three DNA tests. These are formal. Raoul Jossart is not her biological father. According to them, he would not even have any ancestors from Western Europe. According to the analysis, his ancestors would come from North Africa and the Middle East. Convinced that she belonged to the Moroccan royal family, Jane Benzaken then hired attorney Mark Uitendaele and began legal proceedings in Belgium to obtain a DNA test from the Moroccan royal family.

A controversial marriage

“Having royal blood does not mean that you should be treated differently than anyone else,” the lawyer said recently. For Mark Uitendele, King Hassan II will hire Raoul Jossart as a cover to remove any paternity doubts. The lawyer goes so far as to dispute the fake marriage certificate, thus disputing the union of the Belgian and Freha Benzaken, which was to be celebrated while Raoul Jossart was in Sweden.

In the context of this legal battle, Jane Benzaken, however, encountered resistance from the Moroccan royal family. King Mohammed VI has indeed refused to submit to a DNA test requested by his alleged half-sister. Stanislas Eskenazi, a lawyer representing the Moroccan royal family, filed a counterclaim against Jane Benzaken, accusing her of extortion. The sovereign and his family did not stop Mark Uitendaele from continuing this fight. The latter is especially famous for recognizing Delphine Boel, the illegitimate daughter of Albert II of Belgium, as a member of the Belgian royal family.

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Source: Le Figaro

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