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Salma Hayek, wild dancing and a gown, revealing herself to her 24 million followers.

The actress on her Instagram pagea night in hell posted a video on Tuesday May 16th. Dressed in a single robe, she dances wildly there, completely letting go.

Is it the result of all the grueling dance moves he chained during the shoot? Magic Mike 3: (2023) or natural talent? One thing is clear: Salma Hayek’s rhythm is in her skin. On Tuesday, May 16, the actress posted a video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a single white robe, barefoot and with her hair down, she indulges in a Latin dance that is spontaneous and free-flowing at the same time.

Visibly energized by the Spanish-speaking music playing in the room, the Mexican-American actress forgot her outfit, which later caused her to blur her breasts and private parts. It was enough that netizens were quick to respond with interested comments. I’m asking for a friend,” teases one of them. “I hate censorship,” complains another, tearing up in defense.

“24 million reasons to smile”

Salma Hayek, 56, posted the video to thank her community of millions of subscribers. “24 million followers, 24 million reasons to smile / Thank you all for following me on this crazy adventure. ️ I can’t contain my excitement and gratitude. P.S. Happy birthday @samanthalopezs,” Francois-Henri Pinault’s wife captioned in English, then Spanish.

Scandals, Madonna. How far can he go?

Samantha Lopez, the director and a close friend of the actress, therefore joined her in this improvised choreography with a speaker attached. A simple and liberating moment of complicity. what sure to forget some scenes Magic Mike 3: (2023), which especially marked the actress. Starting with a grueling lap dance, a “physically very difficult” experience, as he confided to the columnists;Entertainment Tonightlast March.

Source: Le Figaro

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