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Why do vampires have different eye colors?

Discover the meaning of each eye color of the vampires of the Twilight universe

One of the most successful film franchises of the 2000s was the Twilight Saga. The 5 productions were inspired by the works of Stephenie Meyerwhich created a universe, with its own mythology about vampires and werewolves to tell the love story between Bella and Edward, a human and a vampire.

Among the most striking features in Meyer’s version of vampires is the question of each being’s eye color. Throughout the saga, it is possible to notice three main colors for the eyes of vampires, which are black, gold and red. But what does each color mean?

First, you must understand that vampires’ eyes change color according to their diet, that is, if they are hungry or feed on a type of blood, their eyes change to a color that represents that.

The first time Bella meets Edward, their eyes are black, and following the mythology of the saga, when a vampire’s eyes turn black, it’s because he needs to feed. With each day that passes without the vampire feeding, his eyes get even darker and he becomes very dangerous, as he is willing to do anything to find blood.

Edward with black eyes in a scene from ‘Twilight’ – Credits: Reproduction/ Paris Filmes

After feeding, the eyes change to a different color depending on the vampire’s diet. In the case of Edward and the other members of the Culeen clan, the irises take on a golden tone, since they are considered vegetarian vampires, as they feed on the blood of mammalian animals and not humans. The group led by Carlisle, who on the big screen was played by Peter Facinelli, manages to cope better and even live among mortals because of its diet. However, they are still tempted to consume human blood when exposed to it and need a lot of self-control not to go against their values.

Edward with the golden eyes
Edward with the golden eyes – Credits: Reproduction/ Paris Filmes

The Volturi, which is the most powerful vampire clan in the universe created by Meyer, have red eyes, since they drink human blood to survive. The fact is that this question of colors, within the saga, ends up becoming important to differentiate the characters and each clan.

Dakota Fanning as Jane, a member of the Volturi clan
Dakota Fanning as Jane, a member of the Volturi clan – Credits: Divulgation/ Paris Filmes

When Bella becomes a vampire in “Breaking Dawn”, her eyes are red and this is because she is a newborn and the nature of vampires is to feed on human blood. As soon as the protagonist plays for Kristen Stewart begins to drink animal blood, his eyes already change color.

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