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What is the Disney princess who only appears for 18 minutes in her movie?

One of the Disney characters is responsible for becoming the princess with the least screen time and lines among all the films; find out who!

Formed by girls of different nationalities, with totally different cultures and personalities, the disney counts with a select group of princesses, that in all, totaling 12 holders of the crown. All of them obtained the title after appearing in an animation, and fulfilling the other requirements of the list defined by the studio:

  • Be at least half human;
  • Be the protagonist of your own story;
  • Marrying royalty or performing a heroic act;
  • Bring a good economic return to the studios.

However, in addition to unique characteristics and stories, there is still a curious fact that distinguishes one of the Disney princesses from the rest. That’s because the young girl only appears for 18 minutes in her film, thus becoming the princess with the least screen time and lines among all the feature films produced by the studio. But who is she?


Shown on the big screen for over 60 years, Aurora is the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah, a girl with blonde hair and violet eyes, who, in addition to being a shy and sweet teenager, is the great protagonist of ‘A Bela Asleep’.

In the story that hit theaters in 1959, the princess is the victim of a curse cast by the sorceress Maleficent when she was just a baby, after the villain was the only one in the entire kingdom not to be invited to the baptism of the first daughter of the kings. of your city.

Despite having been conjured in the first days of Aurora’s life, the spell, which determines that she would enter an eternal sleep after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, would only take effect on the princess’s 16th birthday, which could have her life back after receiving true love’s kiss.

It is worth remembering that the plot of Aurora is an adaptation of the book by the French writer Charles Perrault (1628 – 1703), as reported by the Disney website. Perrault’s version is one of the most popular of the classic story, which has also been adapted by great authors, such as the Brothers Grimmwho wrote their version in 1812.

The plot, which was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, Clyde Geronimi, Eric Larson It is Les Clarkbecame the last fairy tale adapted in theaters by Casa do Mickey that had the participation of Walt Disney, in addition to obtaining the mark of one of the most expensive productions of the studio, since its development cost about 6 million dollars.

In addition, Aurora’s story is a milestone among productions starring princesses for another reason: it is the starting point of a three-decade hiatus without adaptations of fairy tales where the holders of the crown are the protagonists, as that after its release, the next film starring a princess only appeared in 1989, with ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The break did not happen by chance, the decision was made by walt disneybecause, despite the millionaire investment, the return of the film at the box office was not as expected, generating a certain loss for the studio on its release.

Source: Recreio

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