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“I’m not against dealing with small things.” Julie Gaye talks about cosmetic surgery

François Hollande’s wife on the poster Like an actresstalked about aging and aesthetic surgery.

Sebastien Bale in the new film. Like an actress, she plays a fifty-year-old girl who decides to play different women that her husband, played by Benjamin Biolay, might want, fearing that he will leave her. A fantastic transformation that allows Julie Gaye to address the current topic of aging women in general and in the film industry in particular.

Christine Scott Thomas. “As I get older, I find women more enjoyable, even lighter”

On March 16, the actress was invited to the program “La Bande Originale” presented by Nagou and Leila Kaddour-Boudadi on France Inter and asked to talk about the difference in the treatment of women and men. And this “instruction to be beautiful all our lives”. “Men can get old, they get better with time, but they tell us you’re still handsome for your age.” To which Nagui, who emphasizes the “incredible violence” of this sentence, asks him if he has already heard it. Which obviously is, as Julie Guye nods several times before continuing; “At the same time, I find that we age very differently, that we’ve changed, that we can do very little things to stay… everyone is against the fact that we can do little things.

When Nagui asks her if she is talking about cosmetic surgery, she replies: Today, we do a thousand things to stay young, we disrespect the earth, we no longer grow old like our grandparents. »

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Treatment or Addiction?

Faced with this answer, the presenter objects. “I’m sorry, but it’s not the same when you say, ‘I’m going to do pilates or yoga to stay young’ than ‘I’m going to have my nose reshaped, my forehead botoxed, my cheeks…'” What she, who married Francois Hollande last June, echoes with nuance. “We can do little things because we want to be fit or beautiful. […] But that’s when it becomes insanity, and that’s what the film is about, when it becomes addiction, that is, the inability to accept old age.

During the program, the actress also claims the extremely low representation of women over 50 in the audiovisual landscape. So it’s not representative at all. We are being sent to a society where women do not age. How do you age in this world? he wonders. The issue of injunctions arises once again. And even if the last Oscar ceremony crowned two women over 50, Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis, there’s still a long way to go.

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Source: Le Figaro

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