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All upcoming Pixar releases

All upcoming Pixar releases

Movies and series are part of Pixar’s future plans; find out what they are!

Becoming Pixar’s first full-length feature film, ‘Toy Story’, released in 1995, made film history by also becoming the first feature-length animated film to be produced completely using a computer, yielding no just an Academy Award for Special Contribution and three nominations in other categories, but several sequels that hit the big screen over the next nearly three decades.

As a result of its success among the public, the plot of the dolls that come to life when humans are not around, will receive its fourth sequel still without a title or official synopsis, as revealed in February this year by Disney during a meeting with shareholders of company (via The Wrap).

But, in addition to ‘Toy Story 5’, Pixar will bet on other great titles that should be released over the next few years. With them in mind, we have put together a list of all future releases from the studio already announced below. Check out!

Inside Out 2

The sequel to the 2015 Academy Award and Golden Globe winner was announced during D23 at the Anaheim Convention Center last September, where it was revealed that Inside Out 2 is set to hit theaters on June 13, 2024.

Furthermore, during an interview with The Wrap, director Pete Doctorwho is one of the great names of Pixar, explained that a sequence for the animation was necessary to “explore new emotions”, and he even completed saying that, in our body, there are between “5 to 27 different emotions”, and with a sequel to ‘Inside Out’, they are working to “get a little bit more truthful and broaden [o escopo].”

The synopsis of the new film was published by Cinepop and says: “When I was a child, we saw Riley Andersen exploring her primary emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. Now, we’ll see Riley entering her teenage years and facing new dilemmas… and new emotions.”


Scheduled to hit theaters on June 16, 2023, ‘Elements’ is directed by Peter Sohn (“The Good Dinosaur”), and production of Denise Reamto tell the story of Ember and Wade, residents of a city that is inhabited by beings that represent the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.

The information has not been confirmed by Pixar or Disney, however, through the synopsis, some claim that this will be the first animation focused on the studio’s romantic comedy genre. The synopsis reads: “In a city where residents of fire, water, earth and air live together, a fiery young woman and a guy who goes with the flow will discover something elemental: how much they have in common.”

It is worth remembering that during last year’s D23, shon also confirmed that the feature will be inspired by his childhood in New York City, in the United States.

My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and opened a busy grocery store in the Bronx. We were among many families who ventured into a new land with hopes and dreams – all of us mixed together in one big pot of cultures, languages ​​and beautiful little neighborhoods. This is what led me to Elemental.”


Also announced at D23 2022, ‘Elio’ will embark on the science fiction genre to present the title character of the plot, who is an introspective and very dreamy boy who ends up being accidentally transported to the other side of the galaxy, where he is mistaken for the Earth Ambassador.

‘Elio’ is directed by Adrian Molinathe same filmmaker who directed ‘Viva- A Vida é uma Festa’, a 2017 film, and according to the screenrant, the plot should hit the American screens in 2024 during the spring, although it does not have an official release date revealed by the studio.

win or lose

Pixar’s first long-running series will be ‘Win Or Lose’, a plot that brings Michael Yates It is Carrie Hobson as directors, and which should premiere directly on Disney+ during the second half of 2023.

The plot of the series will focus on a children’s softball team in the week before a major championship final and each episode is told from the perspective of a different character – players, their parents, the referee – each one reflected in a unique visual style.

Source: Recreio

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