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GOT7’s Jinyoung reassures fans about his military enlistment

Jinyoung will be the second member of GOT7 to start mandatory military service

After the long-awaited release of his first solo album “Chapter 0: With”, jinyounga member of GOT7, has also been dedicating himself to his acting career, starring in dramas such as “A Christmas Carol” and, more recently, “The Witch”, a web drama that just finished filming.

However, something quite questioned by fans is about the date of his military enlistment, since, being born in 1994, according to South Korean laws, the idol is expected to join the army later this year.

At the end of last year, the Korean press had reported that jinyoung was scheduled to start his mandatory service in March 2023, however, the information was soon clarified by the company responsible for the artist, where he stated that the date for his enlistment had not yet been set.

This week, while chatting with fans through a messaging app known as Dear. U Bubble, jinyoung was asked again about the start date of his military service, where he stated to fans that it was not necessary to worry about the matter.

“I will let you know when I go [para o exército], so don’t worry. No more worries.”, declared GOT7’s visual.

Remember that when enlisting, jinyoung will be the second member of GOT7 to start mandatory military service. The first was the leader jay b, who quietly enlisted earlier this year as a civil servant. please note that mark, jackson It is BamBam will not need to carry out the enlistment because they are foreigners. In this way, the only members who will be missing military service will only be Youngjae It is Yugyeom.

GOT7 was formed in 2014 by JYP Entertainment, and consists of seven members: mark, jay b, jacksonwang, jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam It is Yugyeom. In the year 2021, after the end of their contracts, all members left the agency, but got the right to stay together and carry out new promotions as GOT7.

The boygroup’s last comeback was in May 2022, being the group’s first release since leaving the company. Check out the music video for “NANANA”!

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