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Kalush Orchestra released the first English language track

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Since winning the song contest last year, the musicians have toured to raise funds to help Ukraine.

The winners of Eurovision 2022, the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra, have released their first English-language track Changes. It was published on the band’s Youtube channel on March 3.

According to the leader of the group Oleg Psyuk, this is a song about our house where we live and we learned to defend when the war came.

The musicians also shot a video for the composition, in which they appeared in the form of fairy-tale characters. The house and the land around them is a fairy tale kingdom. They walk through vast fields, entering into harmony with nature. However, during bad weather, unexploded shells and rockets fall from the sky.

“This video is a story about our House, which changed forever because it saw sadness and pain. When the enemy came, everyone defended their house as best they could. And we continued to live, despite the danger, ” commented the artists on the premiere of the track.

It was previously reported that the Kalush Orchestra in a duet with the cult Finnish rock band The Rasmus released the song In The Shadows Of Ukraine.

Kalush Orchestra changed its image

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