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Did Aladdin make a curious appearance in Hercules?

The animation ‘Hercules’ was released in 1997 by Disney, while ‘Aladdin’ hit theaters 5 years earlier

Disney movies are usually full of theories created by fans and within the infinite theses, there is a rumor about the movie ‘Hercules’. In the feature film produced by Disney in 1997, the title character is forced to live as half man and half god among mortal beings. He, who is the son of gods, was still small, captured by Hades and forced to live in this environment. When he reached his teens, the son of the gods had to undergo a rite of passage on Earth to prove that he can live with the gods who inhabit Mount Olympus.

Thus, one of the rumors in question says that, when the song ‘Go the Distance’ is sung by the hero of the plot, he would have seen a shooting star while he was on top of a branch of a tree. The star, then, was thought by some to be Aladdin and Princess Jasmine as they flew across the sky while singing the song ‘A Whole New World’. The feature, which had the same team that directed ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Hercules’, made this theory close to reality.

However, in an interview with E! News, held in 2015 following the release of ‘Aladdin: Diamond Edition’ on digital, Disney Movies Anywhere and Blu-Ray, Ron Clements and john muskerdirectors of the plot, debunked the rumors involving their films. Ron Clements commented on the question raised: “Pegasus is kind of keeping tabs on Hercules until he joins him. The shooting star, we thought, is Pegasus. Although no one, I think, can know for sure…”

In addition to these rumors, there is another one that is very popular among those accompanying Disney animations. It is the rumor that the same sunken ship, which was explored by Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid, would have resulted in the death of the parents of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, characters from the movie ‘Frozen’. On this theory, Johnmusker said: “Can you talk to Chrisbuck“, and Ronclements continued, “We don’t really know our side with Frozen, and I never asked him.”

Among the theories that have already been refuted, clements commented on the rumor involving the street vendor at the beginning of the movie ‘Aladdin’ is the Genie. On occasion, he said: I saw something that speculates that the peddler at the beginning of Aladdin is the Genie. That’s true!”, and added: “That was the whole intention, originally. We even had that at the end of the movie where he would reveal himself as the Genie, and of course Robin voiced the peddler. Just through story changes and a few edits, we missed the reveal at the end. So this is an urban legend that really is true.

Yet another ‘Aladdin’ rumor has been debunked by Scottweingervoice actor for the main character of the film. Scott then said: “I feel bad that people are so eager to find out, but it’s not true: the Aladdin thing saying, ‘Take off your clothes.’ There are websites dedicated to this. Like, ‘If you play it back in slow motion at that frame rate, you can tell he’s definitely saying that.’ The truth is, I never said it. I never said! I feel bad about being a myth buster, although it’s probably a good myth to debunk,” he clarified. “Let me just say, being in the recording studio with robin williamswanting to do a good job and not screw it up, there’s no way I would have made a dirty joke.”

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