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Alexander Saubot on carbon border tax. “We are not sure.”

LE FIGARO. – Brussels will create a carbon border adjustment mechanism. Is this a good thing?

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Alexandre SAUBOT. – It’s about saving the planet by reducing CO CO emissions2:. We fully share this goal of decarbonisation and believe the industry has the means to further decarbonise. But we are very careful that the reduction in emissions from European industry is not primarily the result of our deindustrialization. We are not convinced that the stated provisions protect us from this risk.

Why is it so?

Our concerns were not sufficiently taken into account. The method for estimating the carbon content of products is not clearly defined, and the risk of circumvention remains high. This is especially the case when considering the way energy is produced, which plays a significant role in the final carbon footprint of the product. Will countries of origin be able to influence…

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Source: Le Figaro

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