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Indecopi: how to avoid concert ticket scams?

Purchase tickets through the official and formal channels indicated by the event organizer. | Font: Andean

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Between March 2020 and September this year, a total of 3,447 people reported being affected in the area entertainmentbut how did it happen? Indecopythese people were not properly informed about the event, their inquiries were not answered, or they were not reimbursed for their purchase.

Through its Special Monitoring Centre, out of 3,447 messages it received, 50%; that is, 1781 complaints were about the return of tickets, 26% complained about not receiving correct and complete information, and 6% complained about not receiving their requests.

In addition, the institution said that out of the total number of these reports, 2629 refer to citizens who indicated that they were injured at a concert or event. Therefore, Indecopi has provided recommendations to avoid discomfort when visiting event.

When buying a ticket:

  • Buy your Tickets through official and formal channels indicated by the organizing company of the event. Avoid purchasing tickets on resale or by means that do not provide sufficient guarantees of purchase so as not to become a victim of fraud, fraud or other types of deception.
  • Avoid taking pictures to virtual or physical tickets and distribute them on social networks, since attackers can duplicate them through a barcode, QR code or ticket number and use them fraudulently.
  • Hold proof of payment, advertising and any other documents that inform about the conditions of the display. They will be useful as evidence in the event of a breach.

During the event:

  • Follow the safety measures communicated by the organizer of the event, the municipality and/or INDECI. Identify emergency exits and take the necessary preventive measures so as not to endanger your health and integrity. If you observe situations that threaten your safety or the safety of third parties, secure a safe place for yourself and inform the security personnel or the authorities present.
  • Please be aware that discrimination on the basis of origin, race, gender, language, economic status or any other reason is prohibited, except for the safety of the institution or the peace of visitors.
  • Remember that the organizer must comply with the maximum capacity of the premises, the areas established in accordance with the payment made by the consumer (preferential, VIP, etc.), as well as the declared schedule of the event.
  • Please note that the provider is responsible for any unreasonable or unforeseen risks to your health, life, safety or property arising from the provision of services.

What to do in case of any inconvenience?

In the event of any inconvenience, please contact the event organizing company through its service channels and, if necessary, use the Complaint Book to file a complaint or grievance.

If you believe that the company organizing the event has violated your rights as a consumer, you can contact Indecopi through the following channels:

– Virtual claim: https://bit.ly/3cYZYlj

– Phone: 224-7777 from Lima or 0800-4-4040 (toll-free for regions).

– Email: sacreclamo@indecopi.gob.pe

Source: RPP

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