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New Nissan X-Trail: find out if it’s easy to talk to

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Any car is a story not only about seconds to hundreds and liters per 100 km.

Of course, these indicators are important, but in everyday life you pay attention to the ease of communication with the car, that is, to its ergonomic features and interesting features that make life easier .

How does the new Nissan X-Trail do it? Actually, this is the subject of the next review as part of our long test, previous reports about which can be read here, here and here.

From these articles, you already know about the most important features of Nissan’s e-POWER hybrid technology – dynamics and efficiency. However, there are some of them that you usually don’t think about when choosing a car, but you really appreciate them in daily use.

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Let’s start from the very beginning – with the process of getting the driver into the car. After all, it is in this process that the hybrid nature of the crossover also reveals itself. Surprised? Let’s explain now. The fact is that the test Nissan X-Trail is equipped with a “respectful” driver’s seat: it moves back for the convenience of getting in and out, and when you press the engine start button, it moves up along the driver on the steering wheel, taking the pre-selected position.

So, for most cars with an internal combustion engine under the hood, this process is stepwise. That is, you press the button – the seat begins to move forward, towards the steering wheel, but suddenly stops as the engine starts, and then continues again.

But, as we mentioned in previous articles, the Nissan X-Trail does not immediately start the gasoline engine after pressing the button. It first checks the state of its 2.1 kW battery, and if the charge level allows (and in most cases it does), then the electric motor starts driving. So the seat and the driver move to the selected position without stopping!

Unlike, say, the Mitsubishi Outlander, which is built on the same platform as the Nissan X-Trail, but equipped with an internal combustion engine. There’s just the aforementioned pause in the chair’s movement, and it’s pretty annoying. Yes, it’s a small thing, but not that small. After all, it is in the details, as we know, that both angels and demons live.

The first warm summer-like days that nature spoiled us in April allowed us to experience another feature of the e-POWER hybrid technology – the ability to use the climate control system when not spending expensive fuel.

Let’s say you arrive a little early for a meeting and you have to wait in the car for a few minutes. So, this wait will be comfortable and… profitable: the air conditioner will run on battery power, and the engine will be able to rest, saving fuel. Agreed, a nice detail. And that’s not all: despite the inclusion of the latest generation NissanConnect infotainment system with a stunning 12.3-inch central display, all climate settings can be made using physical keys without diving into the on-board display menu. And it’s really convenient.

Another good news is that NissanConnect is very easy to personalize the new Nissan X-Trail – for example if it is used by many people. You can create your own profile, add your favorite settings – and call them up with one touch on the central display. By the way, its appearance can also be personalized with widgets.

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And the latest generation NissanConnect system lives up to its name, because it actually connects to the global network! Among the advantages are always “fresh” maps, up-to-date information about road congestion, speed cameras, fuel prices…

Interestingly, there is no need to pay extra for a subscription to online services during the Nissan X-Trail warranty – they are already included in the price of the car. After the end of the warranty period, you only have to pay extra for the navigation and its timely updates. But the price is ridiculous – less than 100 UAH per month.

Note that in the event of a vehicle malfunction, the emergency call function allows you to contact Nissan Assistance support at any time of the day.

NissanConnect also “mirrors” the smartphone screen, also ensuring a continuous connection of the gadget – there is Apple CarPlay (wireless) and Android Auto. The user just needs to install the appropriate application.

And so that the smartphone, in turn, can work continuously, starting with the Tekna configuration, the crossover will offer 15 W wireless charging. It can accommodate even large smartphones with a screen diagonal of more than 6 inches and fast charging, and even the bulky protective case on the smartphone was not a hindrance in our case. And just in case – say, if your phone does not support fast charging – there are two types of USB connectors on the panel – type C and type A.

We have the following good news for music lovers: in the same Tekna configuration there is a Bose audio system with 10 speakers, two subwoofers and a digital amplifier! And this is a pleasant surprise, because usually premium sound is offered only at the top. What’s more: the Nissan X-Trail can offer a Bose audio system as an option (Premium Bose package) even in the mid-range N-Connecta trim. The price is not excessive, as for such a sound – 28,980 UAH.

Undoubtedly, the choice of 5 driving modes is remarkable, which makes it easy to adapt the crossover to the current operating conditions, as well as the ability to customize the instrument panel at your discretion, choosing the overall appearance and type of data you can see. in front of you. Note that all instrument panel settings can be made without taking your hands off the steering wheel – using the keys on it. However, we do not exclude that you, like us during the test, will not look at the instrument panel often while driving, because the test Nissan X-Trail is equipped with a head-up display that allows you to receive the most important information without taking your eyes off the road. The virtual screen has a diagonal of 10.3 inches and is available starting with the Tekna configuration.

Despite the relatively large dimensions of the new Nissan X-Trail – it can even be a 7-seater! – Maneuvering this crossover does not cause any problems. First, all trim levels without exception are equipped with a blind spot monitoring system. And secondly, the all-round cameras, which are offered starting from the average N-Connecta configuration, very accurately convey the image around, without deceiving about the distance to obstacles. And to switch to the mode that shows the image near the right front wheel – a very cool thing that helps you park close to the curb without damaging the rims – you don’t have to feel the little icon on the screen, just press the physical key labeled Camera again.

Another very useful little thing: the front armrest box has covers in the form of “butterfly wings”; it is very convenient to use for the driver and the front passenger.

What about the passengers in the third row – are they comfortable there? Yes, if they are not above average height. After all, the third row is children’s seats. Accessing them is quite convenient, and if necessary, you can move the second row forward for additional comfort: the seat movement range is quite large 21 cm! And we will remind you again about the third climate zone and heated seats in the second row, which will be offered by the Nissan X-Trail in the Acenta configuration – the second Visia at launch.

As you can see, the new Nissan X-Trail has something to please connoisseurs of comfort and high technology, music lovers and happy heads of large families. But what about sane and practical consumers? Because they may ask, for example, is hybrid technology reliable, is it easy on the wallet? How much, for example, does scheduled maintenance cost for a Nissan X-Trail? We consider such questions completely reasonable and we will find answers to them in our next article – wait, soon.

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