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The NBU divides dollar sales in a week

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Since the beginning of the year, the National Bank sold more than $4 billion in the interbank market and bought less than $50 million.

This week, the National Bank of Ukraine split the sale of foreign currency in the interbank market. This was confirmed by data on the regulator’s website on Saturday, March 2.

So, in five working days, the NBU sold 320.9 million dollars. This is the lowest for the last three weeks. At the same time, the regulator’s purchase of foreign currency rose to $29.6 million – the highest figure since November 2022.

Overall, since the beginning of this year, the National Bank sold more than $4.1 billion in the interbank market, and earned only $47.9 million.

Let us remind you that this week the official dollar exchange rate has decreased for three days in a row, but on Friday it increased in price by 10 kopecks – to UAH 38.1575.

It was also reported that in February the National Bank reduced its net sales of foreign currency by 40% compared to January.

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