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Schneider Electric: steel construction of data processing centers as a prospect for a stable future

Schneider Electric: steel construction of data processing centers as a prospect for a stable future

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The current digitalization of the world is impossible without data centers, and it will also require processing and saving large amounts of information.

However, while consumption is high, before the work of data centers, claims are increasingly made: they produce less electricity, increase the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, and also the amount of waste that must be thrown away.

For Ukraine, in a time of constant threats and attacks, data security, cybersecurity and energy efficiency come first. Language is not only about living in today’s mind, but also about the future of the rich galooze, the creation of industrial enterprises, banks, financial companies, telecom, shady operators, government institutions which saves more than a dozen servers in the data center. Also, with the active work of data centers that constantly work on new ideas and provide services for most businesses, it is not harmful to the world.

What are the solutions to the problem? So, switch to steel slats.

We followed the power supply chain of technology, and looked at the upcoming company Schneider Electric, a company that is an expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, promoting technologies for increasing efficiency, reducing costs and achievement of development goals.

You have to pay for your help

Data processing centers (data centers, data centers) do not generate material products. Without them, it is impossible to create very important and useful areas for the customer such as telemedicine, Internet of speech, banking, online shopping, remote lighting, communication and distribution (streaming movies, music, streaming). It is also important to ensure uninterrupted operation of data centers with the help of modern technologies. On the other hand, the development of the digital economy leads to greater productivity in the IT industry, which is why nutrition and energy optimization come first.

Vimoga Protocol EU schodo zero wikidu vugletsiu

Ukraine, as a participant in the Paris Climate Change Agreement, adopted by law in 2016, can ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 65% ​​in 2030. This is a significant concern for the IT industry , and statistics show that data centers account for up to 3% of all energy. One of the important directions of galusa development is the energetic digital transformation.

Fragments of the EU meta with a zero carbon yield until 2050 are used by the high-tech sector, which is responsible for the appropriate process of dying and changing its carbon footprint as much as possible, leading to the development of thinking from Schneider Electric. And for what purpose Galuzev’s recommendations from the climate crisis need to be based on standardized data on indicators for the entire industry.

Reduce the influx of dovkilla with the help of an iron strategy

The optimization and efficient use of energy allows the IT sector to change the flow of fuel to an excess medium, reduce the amount of fuel around, and what is important for energy companies is the speed of operation .

Ways to implement robust development programs for data centers:

● precision air conditioning – control and regulation of air parameters in technological areas with sensitive control of thermal conditions;
● environmental solutions to save energy;
● choosing an alternative and modern source of energy, micro-fueling;
● establishment of PPA – long-term agreements for purchase and sale of electrical energy generated from ADU;
● infrastructure monitoring and modernization.

Why is IT galuz and dosi on the cob course until the current development?

Data centers produce about 100 billion kilowatt-years of electricity per river, but the IT industry is still in its infancy.

Based on research conducted by Schneider Electric in Europe, the main reason for such speeches is the lack of common topics. Every fourth European company that took part in the analysis found that they do not have enough knowledge about the development of new technologies related to the development and transformation of energy!

However, businesses can pose threats to the surpluses that their business generates.

Sketch on old rozvitku

The first step, from Schneider Electric’s point of view, is the development of a comprehensive strategy. To be specific, the basis is the development of full knowledge of steel developments, the continuous management of indicators and the installation of control indicators.

The next step is to invest in clean, renewable energy, sustainable technology and set goals to reduce CO2 emissions.

The importance of optimizing the energy consumption of data centers

The work of data centers is highly dependent on a reliable and affordable power supply. However, this leads to a situation of increasing instability. High demand for energy, low gas savings and supply disruptions have led to a record level of energy prices. In 2024, the population will be careful not to worsen the situation.

Also, the volatility of the energy source encourages the transition to renewable energy sources to change the fuel source storage. Even as European regulators put more and more pressure on data centers, they put a stop to sustainable alternatives. This will require large investments in infrastructure and technology and will lead to increased operating expenses (OpEx). However, while we consider wired light leaders in galusi, digitalization can also result in such expenditures. minority, but the general effectiveness of work, for example, must be promoted. The Electricity 4.0 program, developed by Schneider Electric, aims to diversify the energy portfolio of businesses. In this area, the company promotes products, systems and security programs for a more stable, reliable and secure future.

Schneider Electric tools for the transition to modern technology

As stated above, it is necessary to create a standardized color value for the entire galusa. Based on cooperation with data center operators, Schneider Electric has strengthened and introduced a set of universal displays, divided into 5 main categories:

● increased energy;
● greenhouse gas emissions;
● drinking water;
● approval of releases;
● biomisnomania.

On this basis, the company has developed tools that make it possible to clearly analyze and effectively monitor the main indicators and monitor the progress of the promotion of the policies of the current development.

To help data center operators evaluate their carbon dioxide emissions (categories 1, 2 and 3) across the entire range of products, including indirect emissions, Schneider Electric has developed a CO2e life cycle calculator. And to optimize work and speed up the management of data centers, the DCIM 3.0 system was implemented.

Based on the fact that the IT infrastructure is highly visible, secure and resilient, Schneider Electric has modernized its software portfolio for monitoring, planning, planning and modeling the physical structures of the IT infrastructure with other different options for the larynx, which include local and dark solutions. for divisional support centers that grow in dozens to thousands of locations worldwide.

We would like to point out: maintaining a sustainable development program for the IT industry does not remove the EU’s plan to achieve a zero carbon footprint, and ensures the company’s ability to cope with rising prices of energy and optimized I love the robot.

Source: korrespondent

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