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Ukrainian “Chervona Kalina” – first in Ukraine infusion with the natural taste of Chervona Kalina berries

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We have delivered its delicious and unique taste and it tastes the same in the drink as a clean, white burner.

Viburnum is a traditional Ukrainian berry that has long been revered as a symbol of love, happiness, beauty and honor. Throughout fall and winter, burn ruby ​​​​​​namist on viburnum with bright red fruit. And if you respectfully marvel at the brush taken from the berries, you can guess what it will say to your little heart.

Viburnum symbolizes the unshakable spirit in the struggle for the freedom of the native land, the noble struggle to choose freedom and human dignity. The fruits of the viburnum became a symbol of the courage of the people who gave their lives in the fight for Ukraine.

Also, Kalina is a symbol of the native land, the region of the Fatherland, the house we know from our mother’s wheel. It is a symbol that protects human memory, reminds us of dear lands, and a symbol of immortality, an incredible way of life.

Kalina is our Ukraine.. It celebrates the sweet place of the land where we were born.

Without the image of Kalina, it is impossible to show one’s own creativity of folk song. Don’t be offended by the colorful and sweet songs about this berry, the most familiar of them is “Oh, there’s a red viburnum near the puddle.”

Vishukany drink with a smooth, slightly sour taste and pleasant aroma of viburnum, can be a stand-alone drink or a cocktail base. The drink has a weight of 37.5% and is easy to drink, without any snacks.

● 60 ml pot with viburnum
● 30 ml fresh lemon juice
● 30 ml corn syrup
● 60 ml sparkling water
● a sprinkle of ice and a squeeze of lemon for garnish

Drinking the infusion of “Chervona Kalina” can be a real ritual for every person, inspired by national pride and love for Ukrainian culture.

Before your favorite herb, a couple of glasses of Chervona Kalina will calm your mood as you need it. You can almost chew it with any herbs of Ukrainian and European cuisine, where the main uniqueness of this burner is that it has a strong viburnum flavor to complement your herb. Chervona Viburnum doesn’t pick up after a few glasses, like most savory burners, it’s easy to drink at night, but it’s also pretty easy to meet its requirements.

Similar burner symbols, like Ukraine, are in different countries, for example: among the Finns – the burner Finland, among the Danes – Danzka. So, we set ourselves the goal of creating a colorful and sweet product that will be associated with our state and a constructive image that is widely known both for residents of Ukraine and the rest of the world. Ukrainian Chervona Kalina is another croc for popularizing Ukrainian burnt food in the world“- Chertok Felix Borisovich, hierarch of Trading House “AV”.

Well, it is quite acceptable that the war was not on the mind of the famous Ukrainian winemaker, who created a burner, which truly lives up to its name, both in the emotional sense and in the current bitter taste. Try it and try it – the Ukrainian gourd “Chervona Kalina” is a glimpse of what our gourd can give the world.

That drink is original, delicious – the Ukrainian infusion “Chervona Kalina”.

The exclusive distributor of Ukrainka burner, on the territory of Ukraine, is Trading House AV-Vin and it is a strong and proven distributor of high-volume alcohol brands in Ukraine, with a proven reputation. Well, that ends your obligations in the mind of war. Rich and unique evidence of work in the wine market with overflowing digital displays for the sale of well-known Ukrainian brands Villa UA, ADJARI, HELSINKI to work as one of the most famous companies in Galusia.

Source: korrespondent

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