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PrivatBank warned Ukrainians about possible problems

Photo: PrivatBank

In the period from 00:05 to 03:05 on Sunday, March 19, there may be difficulties in working with bank cards.

PrivatBank customers were warned about possible problems with working with cards on the evening of March 19. This was reported by the press service of the financial institution.

It is noted that this is due to technical work. This warning was also published on Private24 for business.

“Dear customers, we are making PrivatBank more efficient, more comfortable and more technologically advanced, so we have planned technical work: In the period from 00:05 to 03:05 on 19.03.2023, there may be difficulties in working on cards,” the message said.

Remember that Ukrainian banks are required to check customers for Russian connections. The new requirements should help reveal the hidden presence of the aggressor state in the Ukrainian market.

The National Bank has updated the list of systemically important banks

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