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No hope: a kilo of chicken is still worth S/12 when it drops?

A kilo of chicken in bulk has risen to S/8.5, and in retail markets it sells for more than S/12. Fountain: Andean

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Earlier this week, retail markets in metropolitan Lima reported gains above S/12 in kilogram of chickendespite the fact that at the beginning of the year the same number of birds was about S/10. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Land Reclamation (midagri), the increase is due to the low supply of soybean meal.

“Product social upheaval Imports of soybean meal, which is the raw material for balanced chicken feed, have been reduced, which has had a much larger impact on the poultry industry’s production costs,” said Cristian Garay Torres, Director of Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation at Midagri Policies. in RPP News.

Midagri data shows that the fall in soybean meal revenues has almost halved. If 134,000 tons were imported in January 2022, then only 48,000 tons were received in the same month of this year. Blockade on the border with Bolivianone of our main suppliers blocked the entrance of trucks from the entrance.

“Weekly chick production has fallen 38% in the first week of 2023, this production will affect the production of meat that will be sold in the markets in 41 days, so we see the impact in February.”

Why didn’t the chicken rise when the protests started?

In several regions of the country, including in Metropolitan Lima, chicken price up to the third week of January in retail markets it reached S/8 per kilogram. During this period, the meat sold was obtained from the production of chickens, carried out between late November and early December, which fell this year.

“Weekly chicken production fell by 38% in the first week of 2023, this production will affect the production of meat that will be sold in the markets after 41 days, so we see the impact in February,” Garay Torres said.

The chick weight was also slightly reduced from 2.75 kg per unit to 2.60 kg, which also minimized the supply of birds to markets.

When will the price of chicken drop?

According to the official, there stabilization in terms of weight and price, this may predict that in about two weeks the cost of a kilogram of chicken may drop; however, it is not known what the change will be and whether it will last.

“We believe that chicken prices are reluctantly rising now, so we expect a fall in two weeks. Right now it is between S/8 and S/8.5 per kilogram wholesale… we would like it to fall to S/5 like in January, but that is not known,” he said.

What options do we have?

Although chicken is the most consumed meat in the country, the alternative source of protein in our food is fish, because a kilogram of horse mackerel or mackerel has fallen to S/6 on average.

According to him Ministry of Production As of February 20, the supply of both varieties has increased compared to last year. In the case of horse mackerel, the product is 74% more, and in the case of tuna, it is 20% more.

Source: RPP

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