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Uniforms and school supplies have risen in price: how to survive the price increase before classes resume?

Vendors reported higher prices for school supplies and uniforms. | Fountain: Andean

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The rise in prices reached school supplies and shapes, this creates a headache for parents because restarting classes It’s right around the corner.

Of the requested consumables, laptops have risen in price. A dozen of the most sought-after brands have risen from S/54 in 2022 to S/66 this year, according to mall reports. Round table. He price the price of uniforms has gone up too,” said Maria Valverde, a department store clerk. Gamarra

“In size, we have grown by 5 sols; For example, pants size 6 and 8 from what was 28 now have 33 soles. The rise in prices for the same reason that everything has risen in price, the dollar has risen in price and therefore we began to raise prices, ”the seller specified.

The cost of school supplies isn’t the only thing parents or school guardians face, they also have to take on tuition or pension costs if they choose a private school. In order not to spoil the budget, Jorge Carrillo Acosta, a financial expert at Pacífico Business School, recommended ordering payments by relevance.

Order expenses

“Make a list of all expenses and arrange them in order, list in as much detail as possible all the payments that you must make in this School years, and then rank them in order of importance, with the most urgent expenses first. For example, pensions, school textbooks, etc. should be at the top of the list. a uniformto leave at the end some things that you could reuse from yesteryear, such as a backpack, a lunch box, or some supplies. This will allow you to have a guide to the order in which you must cancel everything so as not to risk spending money on the least important thing, ”he explained.

If you have taken out a loan to pay for these expenses, do not use this money for other purposes, and if you want to save at least on school supplies, you can get together with other parents to buy in bulk.

Addressing when buying tools is prohibited

Remember that parents have the right to quote and buy their material anywhere, said Rosa Moran, a spokeswoman for the National Consumer Protection Authority. indexcopy.

“Schools may not force users to purchase certain brands of materials or supplies or purchase them from facilities designated solely by the school, this also applies to a uniformSince the school cannot force users to buy the uniform from an exclusive institution or have it manufactured at a particular institution, in the case of school textbooks, the parent can go to any place where the publisher has made it available for purchase. there is no need to buy them new, as they can be bought for reuse,” he explained.

The school cannot force you to bring materials that are not related to your child’s learning, such as teacher markers or toiletries, you can refer to the manual “Check Your School” Indecopi to find out about your other rights in private schools.

Return to classes on March 13, if you did not have time to buy all the supplies on the first day, you can present them according to the requirements of the classes throughout the school year.

Source: RPP

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