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Between a popular uprising and the threat of an epidemic, Xi Jinping’s tight space to maneuver

It was just a dull banner that hung from a highway bridge and was quickly removed on the eve of the Communist Party Congress in early October. “We don’t want detention, we want freedom. Not a dictator, but elections.” dared to say the ideologies hanging from the concrete of Beijing’s Third Ring Road. A rare expression of defiance from a reclusive maniac unable to stop Xi Jinping’s great political leap into a new decade of reign.

Just a month after his triumph under the Stalinist gold of the Great Hall of the People, facing the dark-suited khakis standing in the spotlight, the “red prince” found himself in the reality of the street. Sitong Bridge’s ephemeral slogan was chorused by hundreds of angry Chinese, flesh and blood, in the four corners of the country, outraged by his Darwinian health strategy turned dogma. “It is the first time since 1949 that a political movement has brought together so many voices in society,…

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Source: Le Figaro

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