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The Pope recognized Russia as the aggressor of Ukraine

Photo: Vatican News

The head of the Catholic Church did not mention the name of Vladimir Putin, because “it is already known.”

Russia attacked Ukraine, and the Ukrainians were a martyred people. This is what Pope Francis said in an interview for America magazine, according to Vatican News on Monday, November 28.

“When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about a martyr, a martyr. If there is a martyr, then there is someone who tortures them. When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about cruelty, because I have a lot of information about the brutality of the troops, who invaded. In general, the most brutal are probably those from Russia, but not belonging to the Russian tradition, for example, Chechens, Buryats, etc. Of course, the one who the attacker is the Russian state. This is completely understandable. Sometimes I try not to be specific, so as not to offend, but rather to judge in general, even if it is known who I am condemning. It is not necessary to indicate the name and surname, Francis said.

The Pope mentioned that on the second day of the war he went to the Russian embassy (to the Holy See). And this is an unusual gesture, because the Pope himself never goes to the embassy.

“And there I told the ambassador to inform Putin that I was ready to go on the condition that he would give me a window for negotiations. Foreign Minister Lavrov sent me a formal answer, a polite letter, in which I understood that there was no need for it,” added Papa.

Francis said he gave no reason to think I was “covering up the attack.”

“Why don’t I name Putin? Because it’s not necessary; it’s already known. However, sometimes people cling to a detail. Everyone knows my position, with or without Putin, without naming him,” the summary of the leader of the Catholic Church.

It was previously reported that Russia has refused to mediate with the Vatican in the Ukraine negotiations. This proposal has so far been “unclaimed,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The Pope compared the Russian Federation’s war with Ukraine to the Holodomor

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