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Arestovich said where the next counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could be

The liberation of the Melitopol region can be fast, because there is a vast steppe, and it is possible to advance there even faster than in the Kharkov region.

In the Melitopol district of the Zaporozhye region, a very quick counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is possible, because there is a vast steppe there. This was announced on Saturday, November 12, by Alexei Arestovich, adviser to the OP, on Feygin Live.

According to him, this region is very different from the Kherson region, and the battle in the Melitopol region is “pleasure”.

“The region of Melitopol, the region of Zaporozhye is very different from the region of Kherson … – there are fewer irrigation facilities that are an obstacle, and like a vast free steppe, along which even outside of the road you can very deftly move and move forward very quickly. Faster than in the Kharkov region”, – said Arestovich.

He noted that the enemy understands this, which is why he is digging fortifications in the north of the occupied Crimea.

Arestovich added that “everything can happen very quickly” there.

Earlier, the head of the Mejlis urged the Russians to immediately leave Crimea, not to postpone “later”, and not to hope for a Russian “maybe”.

It will be remembered that a few days ago four explosions thundered in Melitopol.

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