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During the day, the Russians killed three residents of Donbass

Photo: National Police of Ukraine

Another 13 people were injured as a result of enemy shelling, which was almost non-stop in the region.

Russia continues to kill civilians in Ukrainian cities and villages. On September 26, the Russians killed three civilians in Donbass. This was announced by the head of Donetsk OVA, Pavel Kirilenko.

So, two people died in Bakhmut and one in Khromovo. Another 13 people were injured.

Since the start of Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine, 890 people have been killed in the Donetsk region, and 2,257 others have been injured.

This data does not include those killed in Mariupol and Volnovakha. Currently, the exact number there cannot be determined.

Remember that earlier the invaders attacked 11 settlements of Donetsk region in one day. 49 civilian objects were destroyed and damaged, including 37 houses, critical infrastructure.

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Source: korrespondent

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