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EU rushes to agree on Russian oil price ceiling – Bloomberg

US officials said the price cap could work even if many consumers did not officially join the coalition.

EU members want to achieve a limit on oil prices in Russia within a few weeks. On Thursday, September 22, Bloomberg wrote.

The publication indicates that the “rush” is caused by the nuclear threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin and will be part of a new package of sanctions.

As noted by Bloomberg’s interlocutors, the plan faces many obstacles and a positive result is not given attention. It was noted that decisions on sanctions require unanimity and are especially difficult in this situation, as each member of the EU has its own energy needs.

Representatives of EU member states will meet with the European Commission at the weekend to discuss the new sanctions, which, in addition to restricting oil supplies, may include additional restrictive measures against individuals and sectors such as technology and luxury goods.

“Many details remain to be agreed, in particular at what price the limit will be set, but it is not yet clear how exactly. It remains unclear how such a limit will be applied together with the EU embargo on Russian oil and the ban on services necessary for its delivery, which was agreed upon earlier this year,” Bloomberg wrote.

Representatives of national governments in Brussels will try to reach a preliminary agreement on price caps before an informal meeting of EU leaders in Prague on 6 October.

Note that the Russian Federation has threatened not to supply oil to some countries in the event of a price cap.

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