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The EU imposes sanctions against six Syrians for sending mercenaries to Ukraine

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The Syrian company As-Sayad is involved in recruiting mercenaries to participate in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The European Union included in the Russian “black list” six high-ranking Syrian military and a Syrian private military structure associated with the Wagner company. This was reported on Thursday, July 21 in the Official Journal of the EU.

“Due to the gravity of the situation, the Council decided that six Syrian military personnel and an organization involved in the recruitment of mercenaries on the side of the Russian military should be blacklisted,” the document said.

According to EU Council documents, the “black list” includes the private security company As-Sayad, “created in 2017 under the control of the Wagner group and involved in protecting Russian interests in Syria, including protection of phosphate, gas and oil extraction. sites.”

He is said to be “engaged in recruiting Syrian mercenaries for Libya and Ukraine.” The “black list” also includes the head of the company and its co-owner.

Recall that in March it was reported that Russia had recruited a thousand mercenaries in Syria. And in April it became known that Russia has deployed up to 20,000 mercenaries from Syria, Libya and other countries where the conflict is taking place in Donbass.

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