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Israeli Jewish journalist sparks outrage with report from Mecca

Mecca | Font: AFP

A television report featuring an Israeli Jewish journalist filmed in Meccaholiest city for Muslims and completely closed to non-Muslims, sparked outrage this week, prompting an Israeli minister to call it “stupid” and “harmful” to Israel’s political strategy to achieve Arab Saudi Arabia.

“Mecca is the holiest city in Islam and is surrounded by sophisticated cameras to prevent the uninitiated from entering. Muslims. Gil Tamari was the first Israeli reporter to tour the city,” Channel 13 tweeted, announcing the report in its “special” Monday night.

In the images in the report, Tamari appears wearing a burgundy cap to hide her face. He climbs the Mount of Mercy with Muslim worshipers in their traditional white robes as part of the celebration of the Hajj, the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca that millions of pilgrims make every year.

“It was stupid to do this and be proud of it,” said Israel’s minister for regional cooperation, Mr. Hubbard. Muslim Esavi Freij on Kahn Public Channel.

“It was irresponsible and harmful to pass this report on only to the audience,” he added in statements that were widely reported in the local press.

Tamari’s report undermines Israel’s efforts, promoted by the United States, to move closer to Saudi Arabia to reach an agreement similar to the “Abraham Accords” that Israel struck in 2020 with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, the minister said.

Riyadh has no diplomatic relations with Israeland determines any approach to solving the problems of creating Palestinian state.

Before So far, there has been no official statement from the Saudi Arabian authorities.


Accompanied by a man who looks like a local guide, whose face is blurred so that he cannot be identified, Tamari lowers his voice in his report as he speaks to the camera in Hebrew, sometimes switching to English.

Channel 13 even made a program to show a “behind the scenes” view of the city, where, according to faith MuslimMuhammad was born.

“This visit to Mecca I did not intend to offend Muslims, ”Tamari justified herself on Twitter, raising a wave of indignation on the social network.

“If anyone is offended by this video, I apologize. The aim of all these efforts was to show the importance Mecca and beauty of religion, and thereby promote greater tolerance and religious inclusiveness,” he added, believing that reports like his are part of a “great cause.” journalism”.

However, many netizens do not share his opinion.

“You not only insulted the Saudis, but also Muslims from all over the world (…) You have sabotaged the national interests of Israel. You are a fool for pretending to be an honest journalist,” Lenny Ben-David, an Israeli public relations consultant, tweeted.

According to press reports, Tamari was in Jeddah covering the recent visit of US President Joe Biden, who traveled to Arab Saudi Arabia among other things, try to soften the relations of this country with Israel.


Source: RPP

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