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Poland is considering the complete closure of the border with Belarus

Poland is considering the complete closure of the border with Belarus

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The Foreign Ministry said Belarusian officials are teaching illegal immigrants how to defeat Polish border guards, even when they are wearing vests.

The Polish government is considering the possibility of closing all border crossings on the Belarusian border. It examines what impact such a decision might have on the economy and local communities. Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced this on Saturday, June 22, on TVN24.

According to him, the reason for closing the crossings could be “the actions of the Belarusian side.”

“We are currently studying the question of how important it is for the Polish economy,” said Sikorski.

He recalled that “the Finns closed the border crossings with Russia and skiing ended.”

Sikorski also emphasized that what is happening on Poland’s eastern border is “currently a fully controlled operation of the Russian and Belarusian services.”

According to him, it is noteworthy that these people are being taught by Belarusian state officials how to hit a Polish soldier, a Polish border guard, even if they are wearing vests. He emphasized that this was completely unacceptable.

Sikorsky said that “we will make a decision after analyzing their influence, so that Lukashenko will feel their impact, and not us.”

Earlier it was reported that Poland is introducing a buffer zone on the border with Belarus.

Before this, a soldier died in Poland, wounded by the knife of an illegal migrant trying to enter the country from the territory of Belarus.

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Source: korrespondent

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