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Eurostat reports which European countries have the highest prices

Eurostat reports which European countries have the highest prices

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Some European countries are experiencing lower prices for goods and services needed to serve households.

The highest prices for household services in European countries were recorded in Denmark. In this country, the level of corresponding prices is 143% higher than the eurozone average. Such statistics for 2023 were published by Eurostat experts on Thursday, June 20.

They pointed out that it is slightly cheaper to have accommodation in Ireland and Luxembourg. There is almost the same level of prices for goods and services necessary for life in Ireland – 142% of the average level and Luxembourg – 135% of the average household expenditure in Europe. At the same time, the lowest rate was recorded in Bulgaria and Romania – 60% of the average, as well as in Poland – 66%.

Eurostat noted that EU countries have different prices for the same goods.

“One of the biggest price gaps is shown by the amount of prices for alcohol and tobacco products in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania. The most expensive purchase of alcohol and tobacco products is in Ireland, Finland and Denmark,” said the expert.

They noted that this price difference is due to different tax laws.

Eurostat added that the most expensive hotels in Europe are in Denmark, Finland and Ireland, but the cheapest places to rent a room and eat in a restaurant are in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

Cheap clothes can be bought in Spain, Bulgaria and Hungary. The most expensive clothes are in Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Buying household goods is the cheapest in Italy, and the most expensive in France.

Meanwhile, the energy crisis at the end of summer will lead to an increase in grocery prices by up to 15%, and for dairy products by up to 30%.

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Source: korrespondent

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