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GPS jamming in the Baltic region: a new cause identified in Finland

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The signal problems were caused by the Russian military, but it is unlikely to be a hybrid attack, but a side effect of Russia’s self-defense.

GPS signal jamming in the Baltic region is a result of Russian military activity. Politico reported this, citing data from the Finnish transport and communications agency Traficom.

It was noted that the interference escalated when Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian energy infrastructure began in January 2024.

Although Estonia accuses the Russian Federation of signal jamming, the Finnish agency disagrees with the description of this interference as a hybrid attack.

Traficom believes that this interference may be aimed at preventing the navigation and control of drones controlled by the GNSS satellite navigation system or mobile frequencies.

“It is quite possible that the current aviation restrictions are likely a side effect of Russia’s self-defense,” Traficom said.

At the same time, the agency emphasizes that flying to and from Finland is safe thanks to alternative navigation methods, although GPS remains an important source of navigation information in aviation.

GPS navigation problems in Europe have been reported since the start of Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, particularly around the Kaliningrad region. European states believe these are deliberate actions by the Kremlin.

At the end of April, the Finnish airline Finnair announced the suspension of all flights to the Estonian city of Tartu for a month due to recorded GPS interference.

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