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Explosions occurred in Dzhankoy and Bryansk

Explosions occurred in Dzhankoy and Bryansk

Photo: Russian media (archive photo)

Bryansk is under attack by drones, local authorities say a UAV was allegedly shot down. And in Dzhankoy they heard a loud explosion.

On the evening of Sunday, April 28, a loud explosion was heard in Dzhankoy and the Dzhankoy region of occupied Crimea. This was reported by the Crimean Wind Telegram channel, as well as Air Alert Map.

“A loud explosion was heard in Dzhankoy and Dzhankoy district,” the report said.

The occupation authorities have declared a missile threat to Crimea, and threats about the alleged launch of ATACMS are circulating on local public pages.

Meanwhile, Russian public pages are reporting explosions in the Russian city of Bryansk, which is being attacked by drones. Local authorities traditionally claim that several groups of UAVs were shot down, and videos of the explosions are circulating on social networks.

Earlier, a substation burned down in Russian Bryansk, as a result of which the aggressor’s military facilities were de-energized.

Also in April, explosions were heard at the airport in Dzhankoy. Later, information appeared on social networks that the S-400 and S-300 complexes were hit in Dzhankoy. They were allegedly destroyed by ATACMS ballistic missiles.

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Source: korrespondent

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