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Help for Ukraine: Johnson names vote date

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives said the vote on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan will take place on Saturday, April 20.

Voting on bills including aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan will take place on Saturday, April 20. This is what the representative of the House of Representatives of the United States of America (USA) Mike Johnson said, reports White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich on social media H.

Johnson said the Rules Committee will release three bills today that address funding for America’s national security and allied interests in Israel, the Indo-Pacific region and Ukraine.

“These bills will be presented under the regulatory process to allow for changes, along with the fourth bill which includes the REPO bill, the TikTok bill, sanctions and other measures aimed at dealing with Russia, China and Iran,” the official said.

According to him, the vote on the final adoption of bills should be expected on Saturday night.

US President Joe Biden, in a column for The Wall Street Journal, called on lawmakers to quickly approve additional military aid for Ukraine and Israel.

He said the United States should step up support for Ukraine to prevent Putin from attacking NATO allies and to ensure he doesn’t drag American troops into a future war if he starts one. Europe.

Biden added that if Congress approves providing military aid to Ukraine and Israel, the United States will not issue “unlimited checks.”

“We will ship military equipment from our stockpiles, and then use money approved by Congress to replenish those stockpiles by purchasing from American suppliers. This includes Patriot missiles that made in Arizona, Javelin missiles made in Alabama, and artillery shells made in Pennsylvania.” , Ohio and Texas, we can invest in America’s industrial base, buy American products made by American workers, support jobs in nearly 40 states, and strengthen our national security By helping our friends , we can help ourselves too.

Biden also noted that Putin tried to break the will of the Ukrainian people, but he failed.

“Now he is trying to break the will of the West that we cannot allow him to succeed here.

Let’s remember that more than 90 congressmen of the US House of Representatives, representing both parties, made an open call to Speaker Mike Johnson to immediately introduce a bill passed by the Senate to help Ukraine and Israel.

Johnson had previously consulted with former President Donald Trump. After the meeting, Trump made it clear that he had no objection to approving aid to Ukraine, but only as a loan.

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