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The General Staff spoke of a massive attempt to infiltrate the Russian Federation

Photo: ZSU General Staff / Facebook

36 enemy tanks and 11 infantry fighting vehicles tried to break into the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Half of the equipment was destroyed.

The Russian aggressors made the strongest attempt to break the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Avdeevka, where the 25th separate airborne Sicheslav brigade was fighting. The General Staff announced this on Saturday, April 6.

“In the past few days, perhaps the strongest attempt to break the defenses in a certain section of the front took place. To break our defenses, tanks were used, in particular, the most modern T-90 model and infantry fighting. however, the paratroopers gave a strong rebuff to the enemy,” it said in the message.

Our paratroopers, with incredible efforts, managed to repel the attack, burning many pieces of equipment. The enemy lost, in particular, T-90 tanks, the cost of each unit was about $4.5 million.

“Consequently, the large-scale offensive became an ‘operation’ to dispose of modern Russian equipment,” the General Staff said.

So, on March 29, 36 tanks and 11 infantry fighting vehicles of the Russian aggressors tried to break into the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The paratroopers destroyed 15 tanks, including a T-90 and 8 infantry fighting vehicles. And on March 30, the Russians attacked four tanks and two infantry fighting vehicles. Three tanks were destroyed, as were both infantry vehicles. On March 31, six Russian tanks and three infantry fighting vehicles attacked, all of which were disabled.

According to the General Staff, fighting continues in the direction of Avdiivka, and the enemy does not abandon attempts to attack the positions of Ukrainian paratroopers. Today they successfully repelled 11 enemy attacks and destroyed 16 enemy equipment units: 10 tanks, 5 infantry fighting vehicles and 1 MT-LB.

Earlier, a video of the destruction of a row of Russian armored vehicles near the village of Tonenkoye in the direction of Avdeevsky was published online.

The Ukrainian military also struck a concentration of enemy equipment near Mariupol. The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the enemy’s S-300 air defense system and tracked the vehicles.

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