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Result 12.03: Strike Krivoy Rog and breakthrough on the border

Result 12.03: Strike Krivoy Rog and breakthrough on the border

Photo: NPU

Russians hit high-rises in Krivoy Rog; Russian volunteers entered the territory of two regions of Russia. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

RF beat me in Krivoy Rog

In Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, on the night of March 12, an explosion was heard. Russia attacked residential buildings. Two houses, a five-story building and a nine-story building, were burned. According to local authorities, seven children were injured due to the enemy attack in the city. A total of 38 victims are known. In this case, three people died.

The United States announced $300 million in military aid to Ukraine

The United States is providing Ukraine with an emergency military aid package worth $300 million. The package includes a large tranche of artillery ammunition and GMRLS guided missiles for the HIMARS rocket artillery system. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan emphasized that this package does not replace and should not delay the “critical need” to pass a bipartisan relief bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Denmark announced another military aid package to Ukraine

The Danish government has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine. According to the Danish Ministry of Defense, the total cost of the package is approximately 2.3 billion Danish kroner (337 million US dollars). The package provides for the transfer of Caesar self-propelled guns, self-propelled 120-mm mortars and ammunition for them. Denmark allocated money for them in cooperation with France, and for 155-mm artillery shells – in cooperation with Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Russian volunteers entered the territory of the Belgorod region

The Legion of Freedom of Russia (LSR), the Russian Volunteer Corps and volunteers of the Siberian Battalion took part in the invasion of the border of the Russian Federation. They conducted the event in enemy territory at night using heavy equipment.

Russian volunteers entered the territory of the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia. In the border regions of Russia, volunteer activities were recorded in the following settlements: Tetkino (Kursk region), Glotovo (Belgorod region), Lozovaya Rudka (Belgorod region), Nekhoteevka (Belgorod region), Novaya Tolzhanka area (Belgorod region).

The SBU exposed Russian agents under the cover of the UOC MP

The Ukrainian Security Service conducted searches of Russian agents operating in Ukraine under the cover of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Members of the intelligence network, commissioned by the Russian FSB, carried out information sabotage in Ukraine. One of the group’s leaders worked as a UOC-MP priest.

An Il-76 military transport plane crashed in Russia

An Il-76 military transport plane burst into flames in the sky in the Ivanovo region. One of his right engines caught fire. The plane almost reached the landing strip of Severny and fell into a cemetery near the village of Pidtalitsy. All on board died.

In different regions of Russia, searches were conducted in the homes of artists and performers.

In St. Petersburg, searches were conducted at the residence of artist Katrin Nenasheva and musician Natalia Chetverio, as well as at the residences of members of the Yav art group. In Moscow, we visited a friend of the artist, Philippenzo, who had previously been put on the wanted list for vandalism. Searches were also conducted in Moscow at the home of Pussy Riot member Rita Flores (Margarita Konovalova) and the mother of artist Pyotr Verzilov. Searches of artists’ homes were also conducted in other cities of the Russian Federation.

The European Parliament approved a directive criminalizing violations and evasion of EU sanctions

The agreed directive provides a general definition of EU sanctions violations. This may not include freezing the assets of EU-sanctioned individuals, flouting travel bans or arms embargoes. The directive proposes to consider the violation and evasion of EU sanctions as criminal offenses punishable by fines.

Zelensky approved the law on divine lobbying

President Vladimir Zelensky signed the law on fair lobbying. It aims to implement the recommendations of the European Commission contained in the expansion package, and is part of the government’s anti-oligarchic action plan. The document defines the terminology in the field of lobbying, the rights and obligations of lobbying subjects, methods of influence, and rules of moral behavior of lobbying subjects.

“20 Days in Mariupol” was cut from the international TV version of the Oscars

The organizers cut the “Best Feature Documentary Film” nomination from the shortened international television version of the Oscars, with the film 20 Days in Mariupol winning. Disney Entertainment attributed this to time constraints for the short version of the show and added that the selection of nominations for the short version was predetermined in the planning process several weeks ago. It should be noted that last year the award for the best documentary film about the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny was not cut from the international version of the award.

The documentary film 20 days in Mariupol, which received the first Oscar for Ukraine, is back in theaters. The film will be re-released in limited release on March 14.

Another 47 Ukrainian citizens were evacuated from the Gaza Strip

The mission was carried out by representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate and diplomatic staff of the Ukrainian embassies in Israel and Egypt. In total, during the three phases of the mission (November and December 2023, March 2024), 363 Ukrainian citizens were evacuated from the Gaza Strip: 141 children, 135 women, 87 men.

Eurovision organizers have announced changes to the rules of the show

The changes concern voting for favorites and the performances of the Big Five countries. Now France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Great Britain will compete not only in the finals, but also in the semi-finals. They will join last year’s winners Sweden. Another change of Eurovision 2024 is the extension of the time for audience voting in the finals of the competition.

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Source: korrespondent

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