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Malyuska suggested that the prisoners be “given a shovel” and sent to the front

Photo: Denis Malyuska / Facebook

The Rada adopted the new mobilization bill in the first reading. The document, among other things, proposes to allow the voluntary mobilization of people with expunged criminal records.

Prisoners could be “given a spade” instead of a weapon and sent to war. The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska said this in a telethon on Saturday, February 17.

According to him, there are now thousands of citizens behind bars who are willing and ready to defend their state.

“The examination of whether they are safe for military service will not take much time, because all prisoners have already been tested to determine the risk of committing repeated crimes,” said the minister.

He added, not all convicts can cause threats to others.

“It is difficult for me to imagine what kind of danger those convicted of violating traffic rules, when the consequences are not intended, or those who have committed corruption violations will face the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Certainly that they will not kill their brothers with a machine gun. But you must also understand that “being an army today means not only defending the Motherland with arms, but also building other different things. It’s dangerous to give a machine gun, let’s give a shovel,” he said.

We remind you that on January 30, the Cabinet of Ministers approved and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada an updated version of the draft law on mobilization. It was noted that comments and observations on the document were considered with the General Staff, the government and people’s representatives.

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