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Biden and Scholz discussed support for Ukraine

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The American leader called the failure of Congress to support Ukraine “close to criminal negligence.”

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met at the White House on Friday, February 9, and discussed several important issues, mainly about continued support for Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Scholz noted that Germany and the United States “have a role to play” in maintaining international peace. According to him, “this is especially relevant in view of the ongoing aggression of Russia against Ukraine.”

In addition, the head of the German government cited Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson, saying that Putin told “a completely absurd story about the origins of this war.”

“There is an obvious reason – it is the desire of the Russian president to annex part of Ukraine,” he said.

Biden, for his part, expressed support for the German leader’s position and indicated that American lawmakers were dragging their feet on this issue. According to him, the failure of Congress to support Ukraine, if it happens, would be “close to criminal negligence.” In that case, Biden said, it would be “amazing.”

In this regard, Scholz emphasized that he is happy with the decision made by the European Union to allocate financial aid to the budget of Ukraine.

“Germany is also ready to increase its support in arms supplies. And I hope that Congress, the House of Representatives, will support you and decide to provide the necessary support,” he added.

According to him, Germany has recently made a decisive contribution in supporting Ukraine in repelling a full-scale Russian invasion.

“The rest of Europe should do the same, as well as the United States,” he said, noting that Putin is counting on waning support for Ukraine.

Scholz also noted that his meeting with American senators from both parties showed that foreign policy and security experts in the American Congress understand the need for continued support for Ukraine.

It was previously reported that during his visit to the United States, Scholz met with his double Chris Coons, a senator from the Democratic Party.

Aid to Ukraine: can the US Congress reach a deal?

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