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Results of 21.11: Day of Dignity and new help

Results of 21.11: Day of Dignity and new help

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Zelensky said that 10 years ago, Ukrainians held pfobnbkbcm “against lawlessness and attempts to deprive us of a future Europe”; Germany provides military aid to Ukraine. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

Zelensky spoke to Ukrainians on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom

On the Maidan, the people of Ukraine defended their dignity, and victory in the war against the Russian aggressors will not allow the enemy to take away our freedom. President Vladimir Zelensky said this in a video message on the Day of Dignity and Freedom. Zelensky emphasized that Ukraine is now protecting itself and Europe, because it values ​​its dignity and will not allow its freedom to be taken away. The President noted that 10 years ago, Ukrainians started a “new page of struggle” and defined their future in Europe. He emphasized that Ukraine is doing everything to ensure that the Ukrainian star shines in the circle of stars on the flag of the European Union, which symbolizes the unity of European citizens.

New military aid to Ukraine from Germany worth 1.3 billion euros

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, during a visit to Ukraine, announced a new military aid package totaling 1.3 billion euros. Among other things, the package included 20,000 new 155mm artillery shells (the same as Germany’s current supply), as well as 8,000 anti-tank mines (PARMs). Also, the weapons package from Germany includes 60 high-tech reconnaissance drones of various types, as well as more than two dozen radar systems for detecting enemy UAVs.

A new evacuation route was introduced in the Sumy region

A new evacuation route has emerged in the Sumy region for Ukrainians returning from the occupied territories through the Russian Federation. So, for Ukrainians returning from the occupied territories through the Pokrovka checkpoint, there is a new bus route Sumy – Poltava – Dnepr. In general, there are now three evacuation routes (one train and two buses). In addition to the above, people can use the Sumy – Kyiv train every day, as well as the Krasnopolye – Zernovoe (Kharkov) motor vehicle. Free transportation is provided by Ukrzaliznytsia, as well as by charitable organizations.

Retribution for 128 OGShBr. The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the award ceremony of the 810th brigade of the Russian Federation in the Donetsk region

The defense forces hit the 810th separate brigade of Russian Marines in the occupied Donbass. As a result of the successful attack of the Defense Forces, 25 Russians were killed, and more than 100. It was noted that this happened on the day of the missile forces and artillery in the Russian Federation at the time of the award of the Russian military. in honor of the holiday two weeks after the attack on the 128th brigade.

The audit revealed violations in a military unit in the Chernihiv region of nearly 40 million

The Internal Audit Service of the Ministry of Defense inspected one of the military units in the Chernihiv region and identified violations that caused damage to the state in the amount of UAH 38.8 million. Four cases of violations were identified, the most widespread being the overestimation of the cost of generators purchased in 2022, which led to losses of UAH 37.1 million.

The Council member from Servant of the People tried to bribe Mustafa Nayem

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau reported the suspicion to a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. According to investigators, he tried to bribe the chairman of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development, Mustafa Nayem, who was reported by NABU and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. A deputy, a member of the anti-corruption policy committee, allegedly offered the official $50,000 worth of bitcoins, and in return asked for help in getting money from the liquidation fund of an armed attack to repair the buildings of the State Biotechnological University, where the deputy continues to hold the position of rector (suspended).

Rada took the first step towards increasing the staff of NABU

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading a bill to increase the staffing level of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Its adoption is one of the prerequisites for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. Currently, NABU’s staff is 700 people. The bill provides for the gradual holding of competitions for filling additional vacant positions: in 2024 – for 100 positions; in 2025 – by 100 positions; in 2026 – by 100 positions.

A representative from the For the Future group was caught trying to bribe Kubrakov and Nayem

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office reported suspicion on a member of the Verkhovna Rada, who, according to the investigation, offered a bribe to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure, Alexander Kubrakov, and the head of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development, Mustafa Nayem. The suspect asked his company to award contracts for the restoration of infrastructure facilities worth UAH 1 billion. In return, he offered a kickback of 3-5% of the value of each contract.

Slovak transporters blocked the movement of trucks at the Ukrainian border

On November 21, carriers on the territory of Slovakia blocked the movement of trucks through the Vishne Nemecke checkpoint. The blockade was initiated and carried out by the Union of Carriers of Slovakia (UNAS).

The first investment contracts were signed in Denmark

The first contracts for Danish investment in Ukraine have already been signed, but the details have not yet been disclosed for security reasons. At the same time, many Danish corporations were already operating in Ukraine, and they were able to maintain and even expand their activities during the war.

UZ announced new flights in 2024

Ukrzaliznytsia presented a new train schedule for 2024. The main emphasis in preparing the new traffic schedule is on improving few connections: international and mountain. 14 new flights will be assigned: 11 domestic and three international Dnepr – Chelm, Chop – Vienna and Chop – Prague.

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Source: korrespondent

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