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Zelensky congratulated the Day of Dignity and Freedom

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The President noted that 10 years ago, Ukrainians started a “new page of struggle” and defined their future in Europe.

In Ukraine today, November 21, they celebrate the national holiday Day of Dignity and Freedom. In this regard, President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the citizens of the country.

He noted that 10 years ago, Ukrainians started a “new page of struggle” and defined their future in Europe. This holiday was established in honor of the beginning of two revolutions – the Orange and the Revolution of Dignity.

“10 years ago, Ukrainians carried out their first counter-offensive. Against lawlessness, attempts to deprive us of a European future. Against our slavery. 10 years ago, the people united not only against something, but above all for themselves. Each for each other. ,” Zelensky said.

The president added that then, in fact, “the first victory in today’s war took place.”

“Victory of indifference. Victory of courage. Victory of the Revolution of Dignity. Victory of the people’s resistance, civil society, victory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Way and all those who fought for freedom in the capital and other regions, ” he said.

According to Zelensky, the Ukrainian people have passed the long stage of the path of European integration, and if 20 years ago it was a “romantic dream”, 10 years ago – an ambitious goal, then ” now these are facts where it is no longer possible to stop our movement forward and overcome all the mandatory stages

“Therefore, our candidate status and further accession negotiations must definitely end in Ukraine’s full membership in the EU. And we are doing all this despite the war. When our people defending themselves and Europe now,” the president said.

The head of state stressed that in this fight we must not give in to fear and seek compromise.

“When the civilized world begins to seek compromises with terrorists and make concessions to tyrants. Then we will all surely lose. Ukraine. Europe. The world. We will lose, naively thinking that maybe have a draw with them. A draw is impossible,” Zelensky said.

Let’s remember that the president called on the international community to give Russia a signal that the world will not tire of helping Ukraine.

It was also reported that Zelensky, in an interview with The Sun tabloid, said that Russia wants to remove him from the position of president of Ukraine until the end of 2023.

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