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Missile laboratory found in Gaza mosque

Photo: timesopisrael.com

The Israeli army says it has found a missile laboratory built by Hamas in a mosque.

In one of the mosques in Gaza, the Israeli military discovered a rocket production laboratory, weapons and an entrance to a tunnel. The Times of Israel reported this on Monday, November 20.

“The mosque in the Zeitoun area was used as a laboratory for the manufacture of weapons. The troops entered the mosque, scanned and made sure there were no traps there. They went inside the mosque and found a tunnel shaft … and stairs,” said IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari.

In the basement, according to Hagari, the military discovered a “workshop for making missiles.”

“Terrorists are making rockets at the mosque. They are using Islam and the symbols of Islam to create terrorism,” he said.

Zeitoun was noted to be a Hamas stronghold south of Gaza City.

According to the IDF, infantry, tanks and sappers from the 36th Division are working to defeat the Hamas Zeitoun battalion operating in the Gaza City area of ​​the same name. There is heavy fighting in the area as the militants operate in groups of five to 10 people.

The IDF also reported that members of the 188th Armored Brigade took over several Hamas targets in Zeitoun, including the office of the Hamas brigade commander in Gaza City, and then destroyed it.

It was previously reported that in the largest hospital in Gaza, the Israeli military discovered an operational military command center of Palestinian Hamas militants and weapons.

The Gaza Strip says more than 12 thousand people have been killed in the enclave.

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Source: korrespondent

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