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China prepares for war – The Telegraph

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Ignoring reality for fear of upsetting the “Middle Kingdom” communist emperors will ensure defeat, Bolton stressed.

China is actively preparing for war with the United States. The former national security adviser of the Trump administration, John Bolton, said this on Wednesday, September 20, citing intelligence data, writes The Telegraph.

In particular, Bolton said that US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall spoke about preparations for war.

“This threat is not limited to military matters, but also extends to politics and economics. Over the past decade, we have been at different speeds in recognizing this threat. In many cases, we are dangerously slow to assess the magnitude and scale of the risks,” said Bolton.

He emphasized that China has been waging economic war against the West for decades: stealing intellectual property, pursuing mercantilist policies within supposedly free trade institutions such as the WTO, isolating its critical domestic markets from foreign competition while taking advantage of Western openness.

Bolton blamed big US business executives who invested too much in China or became too dependent on Beijing and “didn’t understand for years that the collapse of the Soviet Union did not mean the end of international political risk.”

We remind you that for the first time the United States is transferring weapons to Taiwan under the program for sovereign states.

A parliamentary official has been arrested in the UK on charges of spying for China.

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