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The Pentagon rejected the Kremlin’s statement about the uranium shells

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The US Department of Defense cited studies by the WHO, IAEA and other authoritative institutions denying the connection between depleted uranium projectiles and oncology.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh refuted Kremlin claims about an alleged link between tank shells made of depleted uranium and cancer. He made this statement at a briefing on Thursday, September 8, Ukrinform reports.

Singh cited research from reputable US and international institutions.

“Regarding the effect of depleted uranium shells on health, I would reject the claims of Russian officials,” Singh said.

In this regard, he cited the conclusions of CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) specialists, who found no evidence that shells with depleted uranium cause cancer.

In addition, according to him, the WHO has not identified a link between the use of such bullets and leukemia or other similar diseases.

“And although the IAEA has clearly stated that there is no proven connection between the effects of uranium projectiles and an increase in the incidence of cancer or significant effects on health or the environment,” the Pentagon spokesman emphasized.

At the same time, he recalled that the shells transferred by the United States to Ukraine are used by many armies around the world.

Singh added that the Pentagon believes uranium shells will be most effective against Russian tanks and help the Ukrainians defend their territory.

Let’s recall that Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the use of shells with depleted uranium in the past allegedly led to “a rapid increase in the number of patients with oncology and other diseases. “

In the past, Ukraine received such shells from Great Britain for Challenger 2 tanks.

Depleted uranium has been used in ammunition since World War II. Moreover, it is used in the armor of tanks and battleships as an intermediate layer between the armor plates and the hull. This level of protection, used, among other things, in the armor of some modifications of the American M1 Abrams main tank, is considered almost impenetrable for most of the range of modern anti-tank ammunition , including Soviet and Russian anti-tank systems and shells.
Depleted uranium shells are not classified in any way as nuclear weapons – contrary to the claims of Russia, which itself uses these shells, including in the war against Ukraine.

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