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Zelensky thanked the United States for a new defense package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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The United States has announced another $300 million military aid package for Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to another military aid from the White House. In particular, he thanked the allies and stressed that the US support for Ukraine is very important. On Wednesday, May 31, he said in his video message.

“The new defense package from the United States for Ukraine, which includes missiles for the Patriot air defense system, as well as the M142 Himars MLRS, is an important weapon for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the president said.

Zelensky emphasized that he is personally grateful to the head of the White House.

“Today I thank the United States of America, President Biden personally, both parties of Congress and every American – all who value freedom – for a new defense package for our soldiers,” the president said.

He noted that we are talking about missiles for Patriot and for HIMARS, as well as artillery and other “weapons that we really need.”

“It’s necessary now!” Zelensky stressed.

It should be noted that the United States has announced its intention to provide Ukraine with weapons worth $300 million. This includes:

  • additional ammunition for the Patriot air defense system;

  • AIM-7 missiles for the air defense system;

  • Avenger air defense system;

  • anti-aircraft system Stinger;

  • additional ammunition for HIMARS;

  • 155 mm and 105 mm artillery shells;

  • 105 mm tank ammunition;

  • precision-guided aviation munitions;

  • Zuni aircraft missiles;

  • munitions for unmanned aircraft systems;

  • anti-tank system AT-4;

  • more than 30 million small arms cartridges;

  • demining equipment and systems;

  • ammunition to destroy the intrusion;

  • night vision devices.

The United States of America has announced another military aid package for Ukraine.

The OP has no doubt that Ukraine will receive the F-16

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