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There was no lull in Bakhmut, Russian troops increased the number of shelling – Malyar

Photo: ZSU General Staff / Facebook

the invaders continued to regroup in Bakhmut, replacing the “Wagnerites” with regular troops.

The Russian invaders stopped offensive operations in Bakhmut in order to rebuild and replace the “Wagnerites” with regular troops, but at the same time significantly increased the number of artillery shelling the city. This was announced by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar on Telegram.

“In fact, the offensive activity of the enemy in the direction of Bakhmut has stopped. It seems from the news that there is a lull there. But it cannot be called a lull. The enemy has increased the number of artillery shelling, that is. , he changes things.” he wrote.

According to Malyar, the Russians are reuniting and replacing the “Wagnerites” with regular troops, but the Ukrainian military prevents them from doing this in every possible way.

The Bakhmut neighborhood in the southwestern part remains under the control of the defense forces, and the defenders also control the entrance to the city itself.

The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense also noted that the advance of the Ukrainian troops on the flanks stopped a few days ago, but the troops did not stand still, but performed other military tasks aimed at increasing their ability to battle.

“Both sides are preparing and strengthening for further actions. The struggle for this direction continues,” Malyar summarized.

It was previously reported that units of the Russian Airborne Forces and motorized rifle units would enter Bakhmut to replace the Wagnerians.

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