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What are Jasper’s powers and how do they work?

Learn about the powers of Jasper Hale, one of Edward’s vampire brothers from the Twilight Saga

There are thousands of characters in the Twilight saga, each of which has its own personality and special abilities, which can often end up being left out of the narrative due to the main focus on the love story between Bella, a human, and Edward, a vampire.

Jasper Hale is one of the most beloved characters by fans, and whose plot was little explored in the universe created byStephenie Meyer. The vampire, who was played on the big screen by the actor Jackson Rathboneis one of the most skilled within the Cullen clan, but few people actually understand what their powers are.

Jasper’s Powers

He is the main fighter of the Cullens, in addition to being the second fastest, second only to Edward. Jasper is also in second position when it comes to strength, where he is behind Emmet. But his main gift is his ability to feel and change the emotions of people around him. And, like most vampires, his power has some limitations, being able to only have a specific target.

The character is one of the few Twilight vampires who can pass through Bella’s mental shield, since he influences feelings and does not directly affect the protagonist’s mind.

However, when using this skill, serious consequences can arise. If Jasper constantly manipulates the emotions of those around him, he can generate a false reality for those under his control, since the vampire is controlling what each individual is feeling.

Jasper’s powers are little explored in the film adaptations, in addition to being very unclear if he actually used his gift. In the books, the frequency in which the character shows his abilities is greater, however, as he is not the protagonist of the saga, there are still many doubts about his powers.

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