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The Chechen invaders shot and beat their “companions” – social networks

Photo: Telegram / Batman “DPR”

The victim of the wrath of the two conquerors of “Chechen nationality” was their own “comrade”.

The occupying Chechens shot and beat their Russian “comrade” in the leg. The injured attacker is now collecting money for treatment. This was announced by the militant Batman “DPR” on his Telegram channel.

According to him, the name of the shot was Stepan Anosov from the Storm unit, where he was engaged in logistic support.

The militant claimed that once two servicemen of Chechen nationality burst into Anosov’s office and opened fire because of “claims to the rear service.” Due to this shooting, they hit their counterpart in the left leg. When he fell on the floor, they started beating him and eventually broke his other leg as well, inflicting many blows as well.

Batman “DPR” complained that no one provided professional medical help to “300th”.

“The serviceman was given basic care in the hospital, with only a bandage applied. Usually, they do not put anything on the plaster, saying that they will do it elsewhere. After that, the man traveled to Podolsk by eight days for treatment,” said the attacker.

He added that the attackers were detained, and the crime was documented by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. However, the military prosecutor’s office wants to “quiet” the case, qualifying it as negligent handling of weapons, inflicting minor bodily harm, which gives up to three years in prison.

Let’s remember that earlier we wrote that seven Russian invaders left a military unit with weapons in their hands in the temporarily occupied region of Soledar, Donetsk.

Residents terrorize local residents in Kakhovka – General Staff

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