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An ad for a job at an ice cream parlor drew criticism for asking for “a house of your own”.

The notice of employment left an unpleasant aftertaste. | Fountain: Hide

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Job notice has become popular in Mexico due to the unusual nature of his demands.

frioloan ice cream parlor in Mexico City came under fire after asking applicants to have “a house of their own”.

This requirement sounded even more absurd, given that the job posting was addressed to people between the ages of 19 and 25.

Criticized job call at an ice cream parlor.
Criticized job call at an ice cream parlor. | Fountain: instagram

“Those who have their own house at the age of 19-25 will not want to work in Friiolo, I assure you”, indicates one of the reviews Twitter.

Frijolo clears things up

ice cream shop explained in instagram that he made a mistake in writing the notice.

According to his social media account, the ad was supposed to say “verifiable stable housing” because he was robbed by a former employee who was untraceable due to his constant change of address.

“The vacancy indicated that the requirement for getting a job was to own a home, that is, verifiable stable housing. Unfortunately, a few months ago we suffered a major theft of our furniture by a former employee and it was impossible to trace him due to his constant change of address, an event that caused us significant losses as we are a barely nascent business.”

Source: RPP

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