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The USA will continue to provide financial assistance to Ukraine

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Even if the war lasts, the US and its partners will find ways to meet Ukraine’s needs, Washington insists.

Ukraine is provided with international financial support until the end of 2023, and even if fighting continues on the country’s territory, the allies will find an opportunity to continue to help Kyiv. This was announced on Tuesday, April 11, by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Voice of America wrote.

In particular, speaking to the participants of the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, he said that the United States, the European Union and other international donors have already accumulated financial resources to meet the needs of Ukraine at the end of the year.

It can be noted that the need for Ukraine in external financing, if the Russian aggression is rejected by mid-2024, will be $115 billion. If the war lasts until the end of 2025, this need will grow to $140 billion.

Yellen emphasized in her speech that even as the war drags on, the United States and its partners will find ways to meet Ukraine’s needs.

“I am convinced of the continued bipartisan support of the US Congress, and the same applies to our partners,” the minister said.

The cost of Ukraine’s reconstruction has risen to $411 billion, more than double the size of Ukraine’s pre-war economy by 2021, according to the latest World Bank estimates. The bank also downgraded its forecast for Ukraine’s GDP.

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